The focus of my research is on studying behaviors of people in different domains and on research methodology and data analysis issues. Some of my publications are listed below.


  1. A Conceptual Review of Churn in Business
    Valluri,  Chandrasekhar, Vivek H. Patil, and Sudhakar Raju
    Journal of Management and Marketing Research, Forthcoming 2022
  2. From Research to Practice: Incorporating Consumer Bankruptcy into Community Development Initiatives
    Hackney,  Donald, Dan Friesner, and Vivek Patil
    Community Development 2022
  3. First-Author Gender Differentials in Business Journal Publishing: Top Journals versus the Rest
    Joanis, Steven T., and Vivek H. Patil
    Scientometrics 2022


  1. Customer Determinants of Used Auto Loan Churn: Comparing Predictive Performance Using Machine Learning Techniques
    Valluri,  Chandrasekhar, Sudhakar Raju, and Vivek H. Patil
    Journal of Marketing Analytics 2021
  2. Visualization of Statistically Significant Correlation Coefficients From a Correlation Matrix: A Call For a Change in Practice
    Patil, Vivek H., and Frederick H. Franken
    Journal of Marketing Analytics 2021
  3. Alphabetical Ordering of Author Surnames in Academic Publishing: A Detriment to Teamwork
    Joanis, Steven T., and Vivek H. Patil
    PLOS ONE May 2021


  1. A Concentric Framework for Leveraging Big Data for Business Value
    Chuang,  Ta-Tao, Kazuo Nakatani, and Vivek H. Patil
    International Journal of Big Data Management May 2020


  1. Mission-related Outcomes Assessment at a Jesuit Catholic University
    Loroz, Peggy Sue, and Vivek H. Patil
    Journal of Jesuit Business Education May 2019


  1. Identification of Influential Marketing Scholars and their Institutions Using Social Network Analysis
    Vivek H. Patil
    Journal of Marketing Analytics May 2014
  2. Outcomes Assessment for Mission: Measuring the Impact of Jesuit Education
    Patil, Vivek H., Peggy Sue Loroz, and Richie Liu
    Journal of Jesuit Business Education May 2014


  1. The Impact of Consumption Hassle on Pricing Schedules
    Joseph,  Kissan, Ramanathan Subramaniam, and Vivek Patil
    Managerial and Decision Economics May 2013


  1. The Use of Exploratory Factor Analysis in Public Health: A Note on Parallel Analysis as a Factor Retention Criterion
    Patil, Vivek H., Matthew Q. McPherson, and Daniel Friesner
    American Journal of Health Promotion May 2010


  1. Efficient theory development and factor retention criteria: Abandon the ‘eigenvalue greater than one’ criterion
    Patil, Vivek H., Surendra N. Singh, Sanjay Mishra, and D. Todd Donavan
    Journal of Business Research Feb 2008


  1. A Communications View of Web Page Perception
    Singh, Surendra N., Nikunj Dalal, Sanjay Mishra, and Vivek H. Patil
    Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising Feb 2005
  2. Author Order and Research Quality
    Joseph,  Kissan, David N. Laband, and Vivek Patil
    Southern Economic Journal Feb 2005