Countries of refugees to the US in 2014 and their destinations

A tweet from Kyle Walker introduced me to data from the Office of Refugee Resettlement from the US Department of Health and Human Services. Using multiple R packages such as shiny, rCharts, rcdimple, leaflet, and d3heatmap, this post looks at the countries of 69,986 refugees in 2014 and their destinations in the US. All charts are interactive and the code for generating them and the shiny apps can be found in the Refugees repository in my account on GitHub.

Countries of Refugees

Refugees from 78 countries came to the US. (The country of one person is not known.) As the following interactive chart suggests, most refugees came to the US from very few countries.

Destinations of Refugees in the US

Refugees came to 47 states, the District of Columbia, and Peurto Rico. (Delaware, Montana, and Wyoming are missing in that list among the 50 states.) Texas and California accepted the highest number of refugees.

Linking Countries of Refugees to Destinations in the US

One country at a time

One destination at a time

All countries and destinations together

The heatmap presents data on how many refugees of different countries arrived in different parts of the US. (Hovering over the map provides details on the country, destination, and number of refugees. The country-of-origin of 1 refugee who went to Connecticut is not known.

The sankey chart shown below presents yet another way to visualize the migration of refugees from different countries to their destinations in the US. (Hovering over the connections provides details on the country, destination, and number of refugees.) The code for this chart comes from Kyle Walker’s work on displaying part of these data.